4 thoughts on “Next Question

  1. Old memories that pop up and feel fresh, when there is no reality to prove that there is any reason to give those thoughts any weight. Example: remembering an insult from childhood peers that no longer related to the person I am. Yet the memories will pop up involuntarily and maintain the same sting and mental bewilderment for me as to why it happened. Ugh! I wish I had a way to get rid of them!

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    • I believe that deep hurt, we eventually put away, but that at times something or someone will make us think about that time. We do hurt once again, but I think we put it away faster than the first time, at least this is how it is for me. Big hugs and Merry Christmas

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  2. What bugs me is when people don’t follow rules, when they are selfish and don’t think of others, specially right now. Hope you have the best Christmas as can be in the current situation. Much love and warmth to you from Ute xxx


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