Christmas 2020

There wasn’t a lot of hype this year for Christmas. I do admit, it came sooner than last year and now it is over.

I took the big Christmas tree down yesterday. I rearranged the living room and swept real good. I keep one small tree up all year and I have a medium size still up because my daughter is to come here in January, based on the Covid and weather.

I spent a pretty calm and nice day with my son on Christmas. He is married to a beautiful and wonderful woman, and they have three boys who I am sad to say, one is now grown and getting ready to leave for the military in a couple of months. Where does the time go? The two other boys are eleven and six. They are both so cute with those big eyes and smiles.

We had my deceased mothers traditional dinner. Lasagna and garlice bread with a pudding dessert and pumpkin pie. My daughter-in-law is a great cook and I had no trouble eating that day. Oh no, I don’t want to look at my scales for a week at least.

Speaking of weight, the day after New Years, our TV will be bombarded with weight loss commercials, just making you feel bad enough about yourself and ready to lure you in to their weight loss places.

I personally like when the farmer commercials come on TV. It is a sure sign of Spring is getting close.

Do you want to share something you received for Christmas with me? I received a new burner to place waxed cube scents in. I have three of them and I use each one. Cinnamon is my favorite and I got some variety of wax tarts, each smelling so good, including cinnamon. I got a nice set of flannel sheets and a fuzzy, warm blanket. I will stay warm for sure in frigid Indiana.

5 thoughts on “Christmas 2020

  1. I spent Christmas evening with my two sons, and my daughter-in-law at my eldest son’s home. The six year old grandson lost his second front tooth 2 days before Christmas! He wore a sweater that had Santa riding a dinosaur on it, hehehe. We were only together for dinner and then the gift exchange and then we dispersed. The boy needed an 8 am bedtime, and we were all groaning from our meal. My son made the prime rib and green bean casserole, while his bride of many years made the cheese board and deviled eggs. Their home was lovely and the tree was breathtaking!

    I’m so glad you had such a good time, too!

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  2. I got a really cozy top, 2 jigsaw puzzles, a few little items and a total of $575.00. I was truly blessed, and more so because I don’t have any family to receive gifts from. I have some wonderful friends.
    I spent Christmas alone for the very first time in my life, but I didn’t mind that at all. And I had the weirdest Christmas dinner ever: liverwurst on bread, a can of chunky chicken corn chowder, yogurt and a little later some peppermint hot chocolate ice cream. It tasted good, and sure filled me up. I had phone calls from some of my friends to help pass the day and I watched Christmas movies.

    I’m happy you had a good time with your son and his family.

    Complete lock-down started here again after midnight on Christmas night. They gave us Christmas day, but the restrictions were still quite stiff and people had to really plan how to do it without breaking the rules. Though I’m sure some people had more than the maximum allowed. It’s hard for people with large families.

    I pray that the New Year will bring you many wonderful blessings and that your visit with your daughter will be special.

    God bless.


  3. That sounds rather nice, Terry. I had a quiet Christmas too, just my son who still lives with me, phoned my other son and my sister. I have a small family. My partner was allowed to come as he is a lone person and in my “support bubble” as we call it in the UK. I collected him by car. One day we will move together, that will be wonderful. I received some nice body lotions, hand creams and a lovely perfume. Some hand knitted socks, calendars, chocolates and lots of love. I feel truly blessed and loved. We had a great peaceful time , no rush and stress. I loved it! I did a turkey roast with veg and potatoes , all went well and then we played board games together. What more can I want.

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