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Well, within minutes, we exchange one year for another. People get real pumped about the new year coming in. I think more than usual this year because of the unwelcome things that entered into our lives.

It wasn’t just our close ones that upset or worried us. We had to hear and read about our government and our hospitals. We learned about the common families that lives were turned upside down.

We heard of more hunger, that was not outside our own country. We learned to go back to some of our basic skills that were taught to us while young. We pulled together in many areas and used our hearts and minds and thought of various ways to help our neighbors.

This last sentence warms my heart. Isn’t that what we were placed on this blue marble for in the beginning? John 15:12: This is my commandment, that ye love one another, even as I have loved you.

It is when we remember what we learned as children, that the world will finally begin to bring balance together. No one will look different in color, race or gender. We will look at each other as our neighbor.

I pray that we see more calm and dedication in the year 2021.

Happy New Year, friends and readers.

1 thought on “The View

  1. I pray a lot for the people who were plunged into desperate times this past year. I do it because of guilt in some ways, because this was the BEST year for me.

    Being able to work from home instead of commuting 106 miles each workday changed my life in significant ways. First, more funds in my reduced budget (only allowed 34 hours a week, and hourly pay reduced by 2%) thanks to the gas I didn’t spend. I now spend what was one half of each week’s gas budget, for a whole 2 months.

    The other blessing was that I had more energy and time for focus on organizing my home. With the help of the first stimulus check, I was able to:
    ♥ buy a new laptop
    ♥ buy two lovely armoires for pantry use and organization in my bedroom
    ♥ buy a pretty cupboard for the kitchen immediate use items
    ♥ buy an area rug for the living room
    ♥ Better Christmas decorations for my home
    ♥ Spend more on gifts and donations this year

    Finally, I was able to claim widow’s benefits from Social Security on top of my work earnings, since I was able to delay applying for benefits until I was at Full Retirement Age.

    It’s amazing to think that I was homeless in November of 2013, and 10 days away from living in my car (in a Wisconsin winter season) before I got a job that paid me a decent wage. It was still a struggle of austere life with insufficient health care until I got hired by the Staffing agency I work for now (in 2018), where I finally got paid for holidays and some PTO hours. So I am not at all boastful about my life this year!! I’m stunned and amazed that I am living a life I never ever lived before.

    I don’t know why God sorts things out the way He does, but I am not only very mindful of what I have been given and earned, but I am happily generous if there is anything left over after the bills are paid.

    Things may once again take a dive, but I will always treasure this time of comfort and God’s care for me during a pandemic that taught me that my loneliness is time to pray. All of that, and it happened now that I am a Senior woman (age: 66) – when I thought it would only be the worst time of my life!


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