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I spent yesterday, Sunday, days after New Year’s doing absolutely nothing. I sort of felt guilt for having no plans for myself, but I didn’t change anything.

I have this routine for myself, which includes cleaning a little daily since I don’t stand well for very long. That being said, there wasn’t anything really to do. The laundry was caught up, the bathroom was cleaned early that day, so I spent it watching TV. I watched the morning news and then fixed lunch and tidied up the kitchen.

I then found a station called, True Crime. I got interested in this station, because I couldn’t really fathom the idea of how tormented people’s brains are. A couple of sections were on kids who murdered.

How does that even work? How can a child’s brain think of such a thing? It was just amazing to see the stories play out.

The rest of the evening passed with nothing special and I was actually glad to go to bed.

So my question is, what did you do the Sunday after New Years?

10 thoughts on “Next Question

  1. I spent the day working on recipes and cleaning. Then I had a visit from my son and Grandson, which blessed me bigtime! I still have my Christmas decorations up until after 12th night, so my grandson enjoyed looking at the different ornaments I have on the tree.

    After they left I did dishes and watched Home Town on HGTV. It’s friendlier than crime stories, and I was able to sleep well once I went to bed.

    I got up to the prettiest display of snow on the tree branches! and now, I’m back to work today.

    Bless you!

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    • i don’t get home and garden. I like that you had family visit. That makes a great day. I still have part of my decorations up too. I also woke up to snow. It is pretty but I don’t walk well in snow so looking forward to Spring

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  2. I don’t like walking in snow either, though I don’t have your mobility challenges. I really don’t want to get hurt when they don’t remove the snow on the sidewalks or over heaps in the parking lots. Ugh! But, I still like the view through the window :).

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  3. Terry, I was actually really busy, as I started work again on Monday. So I cleaned, put away stuff, threw stuff out and re arranged my dining room as I had a wall plastered. I need to sand and paint the wall still. So there is always something to do for me. In my flat is constantly something to do.
    On Boxing day I was really lazy and just sat around and watched TV, which was really lovely. That is good to do as well sometime.

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  4. Same as always just like any other day in my life it’s getting old old but nothing I can do about it so no since shinning about it no one like a winner

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