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I just heard on the news that not only is there Covid 19, but another strain of it and even worse. Now the news stated a brand new strain has been identified out of South Africa. The doctor said he was actually scared because he fears it is seeping into our country. It was spoken about like a person could not escape it if is near you .I told myself, girl, you can’t compete with this. 2021 may be my year. I then found myself fearful. What are your thoughts? News creating more fear or are we, the people, in danger?

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  1. I honestly and truly know that God has control, though we don’t always know why things happen the way they do. I trust Him to do the most right thing to impact people with His love. So, I do my part: wear a mask in public, wash my hands at home and out and about (many sanitizers to use in purse, coat and in home), and practice social distancing. I will continue to avoid non mask wearers, and people who are crowding me when I am outside my home. I am careful about who comes into my home as well.

    I use grocery services all of the time for my weekly groceries. It’s free, so why not? I may go into a store for just a few things on a quick errand. So I do MY part, and let God do His.

    I hope you don’t worry too much, because there will be a lot of variations and mutations that come along. That’s because of the virus it is, and the scientists are saying that the variations they have found will be addressed by the vaccine. So, it’s just worrisome until we can get a good portion of the population inoculated. -Providing people don’t sabotage the storage of the vaccine (disgusted side eye at ranting pharmacist in WI that did that).

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    • I think you are right but I also believe the virus would not be as wide spread without the help of the people who think they don’t have to follow rules. I have prayed and will continue to do so for myself and friends and family for safety and using the brain God gave me. Hugs

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  2. There is so much covid around, but I think we need to trust in God and also protect ourselves from getting it and spreading it. Follow the rules and do anything not to expose yourself. Then we’ll be ok. Unfortunately there are many irresponsible people out there who don’t care as we have lived with it for so long, but it is not over. We don’t need to be fearful as long as we obey the rules and trust only in God and yourself.

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