6 thoughts on “New Question

  1. I pay for a lot of things for my enjoyment, and some things are for other family members who can’t afford to pay for those kinds of things. Especially during this time of careful self isolation during the pandemic, it’s become more critical to find good ways to stay cheered while being “grounded” so to speak.

    I’m glad you did something fun for your time at home, too!

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  2. I buy a lot of movies and books, but rarely pay more than $5 or $6, sometimes less, for the movies. When books are on sale at CBD for 99 cents I often stock up on them. I also buy books at used book sales (before COVID, of course). I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, but I have them given to me so don’t have to spend money on them. I got 2 for Christmas, and my one friend who gave me one gives me all the ones she does as well, so I’m well stocked up right now.

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    • I remember you buying books. At those prices I can imagine your library of books. I like,puzzles also but can’t do them anymore due to tremors in fingers. What’s better than a puzzle? A free puzzle. All of this and church keeps you a busy lady


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