Highest to Lowest

I get so aggravated at doctor’s offices. I have a friend who has health issues with Diabetes. It’s out of control and has been for some time but I won’t go there. Anyone who has this disease realizes that left to ignoring it can in fact suffer huge consequences later on.

This friend has this past year suffered so much pain in all parts of the body. A trip to the doctor led to another doctor and so on and so on. This went on for almost a year and a half. In the end, the last test was the A1C test, which measures the average of your sugar numbers, and is usually done every three to six months.

The doctor said, ” Oh this is the reason for all of your aches and pains.” In my heart I was confident that this would be the results.

My issue is why? Why do these physicians run the most expensive tests first? Why didn’t they just do and A1C test first? It takes time and gas to run out of town to these specialists. It takes money away from work and it leaves huge amounts of deductibles to pay.

The same thing is happening to me right now. I need to find the answer to why when I stand for a period of time, I feel like I will pass out. I went to the specialist two days ago and instead of doing the simple test of checking my blood pressure in a sitting, lying and standing position, he has ordered a Tilt Table test, which is out of town, runs at between five hundred and one thousand dollars and will most likely make me vomit and pass out.

I swear, I am going to quit going to these doctors if it is about my neurological problems. I already know they can not fix me. I guess when I get those episodes, I go into panic mode and reach for the phone. It just seems someone is getting a kick back from going high to low on procedures. I have heard of other patients that go through the same routines. It’s like when you take your car to a mechanic. It’s not uncommon for them to replace the most simple part that fixes the problem until last.

2 thoughts on “Highest to Lowest

  1. I am not sure what prompted your doctor to make their decision for your tests; but many doctors I’ve gone to have to follow approved procedure progressions before insurance will cover the testing. I’ve even had my insurance deny the prescription that my doctor wanted because he hadn’t tried others before jumping to it. It’s frustrating, but I understand why this process has happened, too. In years gone by many doctors would put patients through grueling tests so that they could charge higher fees for their own pockets. So some guidelines were the best remedy. These guidelines are determined by doctors and pharmacists, not just laymen, so they aren’t foolish or the kind to endanger good and competent patient care.

    What you could do, is ask for the doctor to call you and explain why they didn’t try the simpler test with you first. If they are following an approved process, then you can call your insurance to make your objections known. Seems to me that your idea would save them some funds, too. You might get them to approve the simpler one rather than the one that is so intricate.

    I’m really sorry that this is turning into such a challenge for your quality of life right now. I’ll be praying that things improve so that you can enjoy the change in weather with spring’s weather in the next few weeks. Huggerz.


    • You make a very good point but even if you are correct, you can still see where money plays in the role of chain of command on testing, to some point. It is so aggravating but also discussing my views to the doctor and maybe the insurance company sure couldn’t hurt. Thanks for the tips and prayers. Hugs


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