5 thoughts on “New Question

  1. I didn’t get to graduate from high school because I had to find a way to live on my own when I was 17. Hard times. I just wanted to be independent and able to avoid entanglements from those who were not healthy. Survival was utmost in my mind at that time.

    I’m very sure I didn’t think I’d be living my best life in my senior years; but I am. Thank God.


    • I feel bad because it sounds like you had a less than perfect childhood. I always thought mine wasn’t great because I had two moms and neither loved me, but we learn as we age that God is sufficient and we will be okay. Did you ever get a chance to get your GED? Or further your education?


  2. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do until I was 18 and left school. I chose the Hotelbusiness and I really loved it . Funny after heving the children I did find a job in Primary schools which was perfect for me as I got all holidays off, same as the children. I had no family to help here in the UK and so it worked out perfectley fine. I am happy with all I did and don’t regret anything. Now I am retiring shortly, I am thinking back with happiness!


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