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  1. Considering that many persons have died in every country (first world to third world), I think it would be rather foolish to think it’s not real. I have heard some say that it’s a government conspiracy, and I have to ask: EVERY government? Seriously?

    Some argue that it’s not harmful to anyone but those who are medically fragile; but I keep seeing articles about persons who were healthy and careful, and younger than 40 or 50, who got it and died from the complications that followed. Does SARS-CoV2 kill by itself? No more than leukemia kills by itself. It’s always the complications that come from the infection that will kill. And not every infection will kill everyone.

    My friend’s father died recently from complications of an appendectomy that we all consider routine. He died the day he was supposed to be released. My sister had her appendix rupture and tried to reheal itself to her upper bowel before she finally went to the ER and got surgery the next day. She was older than my friend’s father at that time. She healed with no complications. So, should we ignore the seriousness of appendectomies? Should we consider them all fraudulent? No. However, we don’t have shutdowns over appendectomies. They aren’t contagious.

    The shutdowns happened so that we can reduce the number of deaths and to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed. I have had friends and family members die from SARS-CoV2, and its complications. I’ve also had friends and family members get subpar healthcare because of hospitals that have reserved many of their rooms for C-19 patients.

    Facing the facts means that we have to know that this isn’t something we can ignore to make it go away. We have to be proactive and follow safety measures.

    I am getting vaccinated, and many of my family members are getting vaccinated because we have to women in our family who CAN’T get vaccinated (breast cancer therapy, and multiple strokes with clogged carotid arteries). We’re praying the herd immunity will safeguard them. We pray a lot, too.

    I still think this question is valid, because there are some who are just unsure with all of the whirling rhetoric going on.

    The answer is a resounding IT’s SO REAL IT KILLS!

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  2. I truely don’t know. I do know with all my allergies to meds I’m not taking the shot unless they forceably make me that all I have to say about it . Thanks for asking my dear friend but I’m sorry I don’t have an answer to your question

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  3. Sure it is real, there are too many deaths to ignore it. We need to do anything to not spread it and also keep ourselves safe. It is the whole world unfortunately so we all need to do the right thing.

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