3 thoughts on “New Question

  1. I think she made an error that can’t go without justice. When a citizen accidentally shoots someone and it results in loss of life, there are still consequences more than mercy. I think it was right that she not have her resignation accepted (or it wasn’t the last I heard) and she should be fired with a loss to her pension. That will serve as a deterrent for other officers to avoid the same mistake. I don’t think that her experience (two decades) could have prevented making a mistake like that if she was tired or under stress. I wish it would have, but I’m just not sure it would have. It seems that there were many safeguards to avoid making that kind of mistake, but her situation seems to prove they aren’t sufficient.

    I’ll add that she wasn’t trying to reassure a very OBVIOUSLY frightened person. She wasn’t de-escalating the situation as we want them to do. She was reaching for a tazer to escalate the danger to the man for not doing what she wanted him to do, and that was trust her. He couldn’t, and so he died.

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