6 thoughts on “Summer is Coming

  1. In this current situation it is difficult to make plans. For me it will be on the spot plans really , just see if I can get away for a couple of days by car to change the scenery. There is no way I fly anywhere, I feel not safe really. So it will be more garden time and enjoy the sunshine I guess. Take it easy and relax, that is what retirement is about! 🙂

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  2. I’m not comfortable making plans for this summer. I have hopes to enjoy at least one firework show, and one barbeque outing at the very least.

    I just moved 50 miles to get closer to family, and I’m still working full time (34 hours/week). I already used up most of my vacation time for this part of the year, and won’t have any to use until shut down at the end of the year. So, nothing expensive like a trip can happen this year. I’ll spend most of the time getting settled this month and perhaps next month. I’ll wander around the new town a bit to get familiar with what options I can enjoy with my grandson, as I have him for an overnight visit every 2 weeks.

    We’ll try to spend more time outside when the weather permits of course. Some days at the beach and the playground, probably.


    • I used to love moving and arranging my new place but now at my age, no fun. I think I have been home so long from the pandemic, I am not in the mood to make big plans for the summer. I would rather just enjoy the season. Hugs. Is that you on my Facebook, churchmouse?


  3. Taking care of my,hubby,container gardening , keep trying to get things more rearranged in my house, I guess I meant declutter. Not a very exciting summer as always but thankful to be alive,not in a nursing home,and being able to take care of Bob Take care dear friend keep those photos coming they are fantastic. Gives me a glimpse of the beauty we’ve been given from our Lord and Savior.


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