Lost or Maybe Not

Sally thought she was lost. Not in her home of over fifty years but in trying to figure out how people’s minds worked. In her day, it was the golden rule that she tried her best to follow. She taught it to her own children. Be kind, love one another, work hard for what you want.It didn’t seem to be that way now a days. She scratched her head as she sat on her porch swing watching the kids across the way play. She could tell things had surely changed as she observed the kids hit on each other when they weren’t getting a fair turn and the names, oh the names that came out of those youngsters mouths. Why if those were her own kin, she’d take a switch after them or better yet, wash those mouths out with soap and clean up that talk. She swung back and forth thanking God that she was now an old woman and her children were all grown and fine outstanding young folks. She looked up at the blue skies and smiled.Written by, Terry Shepherd05/11/2021