Here in the moment

A cup of coffee and plenty of quiet time is how I like to start my day. It is the one section of my time that I can count on feeling the best most days. I start lagging around noon and it goes down hill from that point.

I remember when my kids were small and it was hustle bustle throughout the week days during school and lazy weekends with fun activities planned or at least that was the goal. Cleaning has always been my hot spot. I love clean. I don’t over do it anymore. I save windows and walls for Spring and Summer.

I sure can’t do the same quality of work on my place as I used to do but I am happy with what I achieve. I don’t want critters either in my home, which includes ants, roaches, spiders or most anything that has legs or slithers.

Last Spring about this time of year, I would open my front door and there would be a great, big frog. I have a pond very near and it is common to find them up here by my door. Of course they want in but I can already tell them, they would be much better off and happier to just hop off in the opposite direction. I also had black snakes last year. I don’t care what color they are or if they are poisonous or not, they aren’t getting in if I can help it.

I don’t know if this is a girl thing or not and I guess it doesn’t matter. It’s my feelings and that is my story. I love to go to the zoos and look at reptiles from behind the glass. They fascinate me I love the monkeys and about any zoo animals. I find it so interesting on how old turtles can grow to be. I wonder what their secret is.

Maybe they don’t live under stress like humans. Perhaps they are more confident in themselves and know their work or goal will be accomplished. We should rethink our lives. We may live longer?

Do we want to live longer? Do we want to see cars flying over us or maybe live on Mars? o we want to see more war and fighting? Now, it doesn’t sound so pretty does it, or at least it doesn’t to me. I will continue to work on my thoughts of being happy in place, knowing I am here and here for a reason in the moment.