Peace is Needed

I am having some new tests done in an area that has never been examined internally. I am asking for prayers for healing or good results.Thank you.

My weekend was spent trying to stay busy and at peace. I did pretty good at it. I used muscles that hadn’t been used for some time so did experience pain in the evenings. As long as it is temporary, I can deal with it with some pain medication.

Today, so far, I have put a pork roast with seasonings in the crock pot. I am in the process of making a strawberry pie. I made egg salad and last evening made cucumbers and onions. I cleaned out the refrigerator and have a bag of trash ready to take to the dumpster.

I have hamburger thawing and don’t know for sure what I will do with it. I may make some type of goulash from it. I love making things that will last for more than one meal because standing and cooking takes the life out of me.

Tomorrow I have errands to run and Wednesday and Thursday will be tests days.

Photo below taken by me this past weekend.

What are your plans or goals for this week?

4 thoughts on “Peace is Needed

  1. I have no plans other than to assemble a Bistro set for my patio that I got this weekend. I’m going to enjoy getting it done and just being lazy this weekend after all of the work of this past week.

    What are your plans?

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