Sunshine and Vets

Sunshine on my shoulder, a nice phrase, a nice feeling. The past two weeks have been so hot for this area. It was more like August weather instead of May. Overnight, it changed. We got some rain and it cooled down.

Time to turn the air off and let the natural air come on in. It feels so good to air my apartment out. I never cared for air conditioning for that reason only. I like fresh air. As a kid, we didn’t have air. We shut drapes and windows and then at dusk we put fans in the windows and drew in the cooler night. I loved the smell of the sheets and my hair.

Now I think most homes have some type of air conditioning. I wonder how the cowboys and Indians made it without air let alone electricity.

How can we keep cooler naturally?

Enjoy your holiday. Happy Memorial Weekend where we celebrate our veterans.