Sunshine and Vets

Sunshine on my shoulder, a nice phrase, a nice feeling. The past two weeks have been so hot for this area. It was more like August weather instead of May. Overnight, it changed. We got some rain and it cooled down.

Time to turn the air off and let the natural air come on in. It feels so good to air my apartment out. I never cared for air conditioning for that reason only. I like fresh air. As a kid, we didn’t have air. We shut drapes and windows and then at dusk we put fans in the windows and drew in the cooler night. I loved the smell of the sheets and my hair.

Now I think most homes have some type of air conditioning. I wonder how the cowboys and Indians made it without air let alone electricity.

How can we keep cooler naturally?

Enjoy your holiday. Happy Memorial Weekend where we celebrate our veterans.

3 thoughts on “Sunshine and Vets

  1. We actually don’t celebrate our veterans until November 11th (Veteran’s Day), and on Armed Forces Day (the 3rd Saturday in May – this year was May 15) we honor those who are currently in uniform.

    We remember those who died while serving their country on Memorial Day, and it’s been historically celebrated in cemeteries where the graves and cleaned and adorned with flowers. After the work was done of cleaning, the families would enjoy a picnic and sharing memories of folks that have passed, even if their grave wasn’t being cleaned.

    I’m glad we observe all three of these holidays!

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    • We celebrate both days also, in May for those who passed and also in November for those living and passed. We always need to celebrate these because we wouldn’t be where we are without our vets!! Thanks for commenting

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      • I have a number of vets in my family. My father from WW2, my uncles from Viet Nam, my ex-husband from the ‘Nam Era, though he served in Germany, and a few others from the younger generations. It’s tough being military these days, and I really appreciate them, as I know you do.

        Praying that all of your tests come back with only good things. Huggerz.

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