July 4th and our Freedom

July 4th, Independence day in the United States. A day to be thankful for our freedom, but are we truly free?

There are days that I wonder if our freedom is slipping slowly away. I toss this way and that way on the topic because I remember better days

Covid 19 has placed great fear in people and just not in the U.S. but all across the lands. Illnesses that never were heard of are popping up. Fighting that is not always for a good cause, in my opinion, happens not only during war times but on the streets and in every state.

People who were told as youth to never fear a policeman’s uniform now do not trust those who are here to protect us.

Fathers, mothers and neighbors are turning on their own children and friends. When I was young, if I feared something or got hurt, I knew I could count on my family. If I got accidentally locked out of my house, I could always go to the neighbor and they would let me stay there until mom and or dad got home from work.

Food was not an issue like today. Drugs have taken money that was to be used for taking care of family and replaced it with dirty habits.

Sex was something that was not mentioned or heavily shown in front of children. It was sacred. Now it is a buy and sale sex traffic game for real dollars.

God has been taken out of the government buildings and schools and even homes. People say they can’t believe in something they haven’t seen. They want proof. There is something wrong when I can look to the skies, look at a beautiful baby’s smile and not know in my heart that God created all of this.
It may not be actual prisons that we are living in to lose the freedom we once had, but our minds have become prison walls to hold poisonous words that are spoken daily and our vision is becoming blurred by the ugliness of the world that we see.

Now is the time to gather together and become a force of positive. To bring back beliefs that we know are right, and to quit believing in false Gods. One day we are going to have to stand in front of the King and answer for all of the negative we swallowed in our life time.

Freedom was definitely won through war, but we need freedom in our hearts and lives also. We need to bring peace back among every color living in the world. Together we must pray and ask forgiveness for our sins. Then we shall have freedom once again and love will sprout amongst us all.

Happy July 4th, my friends.