School is Nearing

Peaceful Sunday morning

Except for her husband’s snoring

The kiddies watching funny cartoons

Mom staying quiet and sipping coffee in the living room

She looks around at what needs to be done

The house is a mess, all clouds and no sun

Kiddies forced to play inside

Mom sips and gives out a sigh

Only two weeks to go until school

Go to bed early then, it’s the golden rule

The slumber parties and sleep until one

For her, that will soon be done

Mom can get back on track

Time she definitely won’t lack

Everything done and tidy again

Clothes washed and folded in bins

Supper on the table at a more normal time

She will sip on a glass full of wine

As she cooks up a fabulous meal

She has her house back, there’s no breaker deals

She loves her family and and being a wife

But school returning relives most of her strife

.Written by,Terry Shepherd