Knowing Ourselves

Do you do things because

The media says it is okay to do?

Do you follow the lead

Or are you the leader?

Do you stand up for what you believe

Or would you give in to save drama?

What would your parents and grandparents say

If they could see the world today?

Are you shocked at the quick movement of our world

Or do you ignore most things and do as you need?

Do you sit and ponder on how your grandchildren will live in the future

Or do you feel they will learn, just like you had to?

Do you have most conveniences or

Do you still like the old ways?

I ask these questions because I am getting closer to the old age and I have actually begun to get to know myself better now than ever before. Please feel free to answer or copy and past, answer and share.Hugs,Terry Shepherd

Just a Slice

Have you ever been down?

Have your feelings ever been hurt?

You knew in your heart

What was said, wasn’t the truth

.It affected your minute

It lasted all day long,

The long-lived friendship

Dissolved in seconds

.You speak to others about it

You cry out to God for help

You don’t want to get out of bed

You just want to die

.It’s so familiar today

Names called and racial slurs

People being divided by ugliness

The breeze being blown side to side

.It’s so important today and tomorrow

That we stand strong and stay true to ourselves

Love one another as you so love yoursel

fShow kindness and love all around.

Written by,Terry Shepherd07/19/2021