5 thoughts on “Question of the Day

  1. We alwasy had to help with the washing up, my mum washed up and we had to dry. I loved that time as we sang together , my mum taught us new songs and we could sing canons as well. I always loved it , it was good quality time with my mum. I didn’t like cleaning the shoes, with cream etc, like the full works, but it had to be done. I did love gardening, which was not a chore I helped willingly.


  2. I had two sisters near me in age, and then a younger brother who was 9 years younger. When we were 12, 11, and 9, we had all of the housekeeping chores along with childcare as our divorced mother worked and had to rely on us for help of that kind.

    We each had a portion of work for a week. No one rotated until the incoming person approved of the state of the area they were moving into. So one person would have TWO areas if someone else didn’t want to move in and Mom supported their objections. You only had those two areas until you got the one remedied, though.

    Section One: Kitchen only – the worst, for two reasons. One it was so much work to clean and maintain, and washing dishes was part of it (Mom always used two pans where one would do the job), and she was a messy cook. Trash removal and mopping the floor had to happen before the rotation could happen.

    Section Two: Bedrooms – The plumb job. You had to clear clutter, and make beds. Rotation day you dusted the surfaces, removed sheets and put on clean ones, and had to help on laundry day.

    Section Three: bathroom and living room with childcare – different days were challenging, but mostly this was not a tough assignment. The child care (diapering and just supervising the toddler during summer, picking him up from daycare on school days) and bathroom were the harder things, but rotation was fairly easy. Rotation day: Clean floors (vacuum if carpeted, sweep and mop if flooring), straighten any furniture covers, clean bathroom sink, tub and toilet, help with laundry, do ironing.

    We learned to sew as needed, so by the time I went into foster care and state boarding schools, I knew how to do all the chores I needed to do very well, along with child care.

    What I needed to learn more about was cooking and budgeting. Happily, I got rudimentary skills from High School classes (Personal Finance and Home Economics).

    My sister and I used that chore format (minus child care facet and lighter ironing chores) for our own children. So my guys were a bit exacting on their poor partners regarding housekeeping when they lived with them. Their wives were so glad to have their help, though!


    • It sounds like you kids had an overload of chores but yet, if mom worked, there was no other way and truthfully, I am sure you kids helped to dirty it daily. lol. The training that you had and the rewards that were earned, I am sure you carried some if not most into your own adult life. I hear of so many kids today that have no responsibilities and we can all see where that leads. Were you and your mom close? Did you remain in touch with your dad?


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