Friday, Friday, Too Good To Be True

Friday, Friday, so good to be trueI

It’s nothing really, cuz I don’t got nothing to do.

Wake up early, put my false teeth in

Cuz if I don’t, you’ll see my empty grin

.Start the coffee and almost fall going pee

Darn that seat, I feel like it’s moving on me

.Wash my face and slap my cheeks for color

Slapped on some lotion, oh crap, that’s balm for the udder

.Run a comb through my hair

Don’t know why I bother, it’s almost bare

.Off to the kitchen and grab a cup

Look at my parakeet, hey what’s up?

Find the remote and turn the TV on

I swear the news makes my brain almost gone

.Check my emails and my Facebook too

I told you the truth, I have barely anything to do

.I look at the clock and it’s almost time

I stand from my seat and get my girdle in line

It’s almost time for that hunk mailman

I swear he winks at me like no other can

.I sit on my porch swing and wait impatiently

Here he comes, now I’m getting weak at the knees.

He hands me my mail and I say with a grin

Need a cold drink, won’t you stop and come in?

He politely says no, like all the other times

Why does he have to be so nice and kind?

I go back inside and sit back on the chair

My excitement is over, and I’m going to swear

If Saturday doesn’t hurry up and get here!!!!!

Written by,

Terry Shepherd07/23/2021