It Could Be Worse

Any direction she walked, the eyes followed her

in the darkness of the woods, leaves whispered to her

They like you, they’re calling you to come close

Reach out and touch the bark of my tree

Run your fingers in the creases, follow the sap line

You can never get lost, for I have had your path chiseled out for ions.

She stood shivering and pulled her sweater closer to her body

Almost frozen in place, part of her wanting to satisfy her hungry curiosity

While the other half wanting to tell her legs to run as fast as they could

Wolves stood with white teeth shining and drooling from the tongue

Snakes hissing from twisted branches, flicking their tongue in hunger

She felt surrounded and her feet started to move backwards

She tripped over a dead branch and as she fell

She could feel warmth all around her

She closed her eyes and spoke to anyone would listen

Begging for release, promising to never return

A branch lowered to the ground and scooped her up

Pulling her up higher and higher, she was sure she

Was going to be fed to the ravens but instead

She was gently seated on the white, fluffy cloud

And carried with the breezes back to where she began

The dream; the dream of escape from reality.

She woke up and saw her familiar bed

She felt her soft bedding

And she thanked her parents quietly

For loving her and giving her guidance.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd