Looking Forward to Your Answers

While going through the extreme humidity these past few days, I started thinking about Fall coming and then that led to foods I love to eat during Autumn and Winter. Immediately, I felt my body gaining weight as I thought about those winter foods. It’s harder to stay on those fresh veggie meals for two reasons during the colder months. One, is the prices, so much higher in the Winter. Two, it’s hard to eat cold foods when you are cold from Winter.I will miss you Summer but I can’t deny, I love the Fall colors and the seasons here in Indiana. I may not have dropped too many pounds this summer, but I bet my bottom dollar, my innards are healthier and my A1C levels for sugars dropped twice.My question for you then is, what do you enjoy fixing and eating in the cold, winter days? Of course if you live in heat all year around, you can excuse yourself from this post, if you choose.!Hey you all, have a great weekend. Here in Warsaw, the temps for the most part are going to be great with little humidity and in the seventies. Yippee, I say!

8 thoughts on “Looking Forward to Your Answers

  1. I LOVE the autumn season the most!

    I have to admit that as I have been able to enjoy controlled climates in my home and car for the past 10 years, I’ve gotten a more amicable relationship with Summer though. I just don’t do well when it gets as hot as it has been for the past few weeks (high 90’s in my area). I have always enjoyed the summertime bounty of low calorie foods like cucumbers, watermelon, and tomatoes.

    Autumn brings most of the root vegies to the fore, as we make soup stock more flavorful from the dried herbs and store those root veggies in controlled conditions, too. So all the roasts, soups, and sides with those meals are a joy for me. I love something that warms me up after a cold autumnal rain. Mostly, I love the smoky tang in the air from the fireplaces with wood in them. I miss the burning leaves that used to make the neighborhoods smell so good, though I know I can’t live with that hazard for long (asthma issues).

    I happily enjoy the colors of autumn, too! Give me the richness of my Midwestern Autumn colors and you poor folks in the hotter climes will envy me for that. Admit it – you know you do, hehehe.

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    • I love the smell of firewood burning and I love the rich colors of Autumn. I also don’t enjoy 90-100 degree heat, but I love Indiana, the four seasons, so I get the most I can tolerate out of each one

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  2. One of my “comfort” foods especially in the winter is Campbell’s mushroom soup. But I don’t usually eat much differently from the summer as I still cook hot meals even when it is hot. I do enjoy salads, and have recently been buying salad kits because I find if I buy all the separate ingredients I end up throwing half of it out because it doesn’t get used up quickly enough. I thik I will probably continue doing this during the winter.

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      • I eat the whole package at one time. It’s my complete meal unless I have a bit of dessert, so it doesn’t have time to go brown. I have kept them in the fridge for several days before using them and have never had a problem. What I really like about them, too, is that there is such a variety, something you don’t get when you make your own salads.

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      • Success, this is very true. They do last for a few days. I can’t eat the whole thing at once but if I don’t eat it within the next 24 hours, it starts to turn brown. You are right about the ingredients and it is much cheaper to buy the salad kit then to buy individually. All prices of food are so high since the pandemic


  3. We had not much of a Summer here. It keeps raining and it is cold. We had probably 10 hot days where everyone moaned it is too hot. I just don’t get it. Summer is supposed to be warmer, so don’t complain. We do have los of rain so water should not be an issue here at all. I like to wear t-shirts and now we always have to have cardigans on to keep warm. I even drink now hot chocolate to keep warm. I do like Autumn though very much too, with the colours.

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