What do you think? Sorry, I happen to agree with this post

i found this post on my Facebook and felt led to share it here. What do you think? Don’t worry about speaking the truth, I respect each of you for being you, not whether we agree on topics or not.

Just my opinion, but very well stated and so very true please readFINALLY SOMEONE HAS SAID IT!!!!! I have done my best to respect the diverse opinions regarding COVID-19 over these past few months, however the ER nurse that posted this brilliantly sums up my train of thought :Please just take politics out of it and read this with an open mind.📷“Anyone out there who can tell me what our end game is with the covid 19?What is the magic formula that is going to allow us to sound the all clear?Is it zero cases?The only way that will happen is if we just stop testing and stop reporting.Is it a vaccine?It took 25 years for a chicken pox vaccine to be developed.The smallpox inoculation was discovered in 1796 the last known natural case was in 1977.We have a flu vaccine that is only 40 to 60% effective and less than half of the US population choose to get one, and roughly 20,000 Americans will die of the flu or flu complications.Oh, you’ll mandate it, like other vaccines are mandated in order to attend school, travel to some foreign countries, etc.We already have a growing number of anti vaxxers refusing proven, tested, well known vaccines that have been administered for decades but aren’t necessarily safe!Do you really think people will flock to get a fast tracked, quickly tested vaccine, whose long term side effects and overall efficacy are anyone’s best guess?How long are we going to cancel and postpone and reconsider?You aren’t doing in person school until second quarter?What if October’s numbers are the same as August’s?You moved football to spring?What if next March is worse than this one was?When do we decide quality of life outweighs the risks?I understand Covid can be deadly or very dangerous for SOME people, but so are strawberries and so is shellfish.We take risks multiple times a day without a second thought.We know driving a car can be dangerous, we don’t leave it in the garage. Many speed and don’t wear seat belts.We know the dangers of smoking, drinking and eating fried foods, we do it anyway.Is hugging Grandma really more dangerous than rush hour on the freeway?Is going out with friends after work more risky than 4 day old gas station sushi?Or operating a chainsaw?When and how did we so quickly lose our free will and give up our liberty?Is there a waiver somewhere I can sign that says, “I understand the risks, but I choose a life with Hugs and Smiles, and the State Fair and go to Church and go hug my Mom in her retirement home?I understand that there is a minuscule possibility I could die, but I will most likely end up feeling like crap for a few days.I understand I could possibly pass it to someone else, if I’m not careful, but I can pass any virus onto someone else.I’m struggling to see where or how this ends.We either get busy living or we get busy dying.When God decides it’s your time, you don’t get any mulligans, so I guess I would rather spend my time enjoying it and living in the moment and not worrying about what ifs and maybes, and I bet I’m not the only one.

6 thoughts on “What do you think? Sorry, I happen to agree with this post

  1. I hope you really meant it when you said any response is welcomed.

    I don’t know that post was actually posted by an ER nurse, just because the post says that it was. The problem is there’s no way to find out if it was since they aren’t giving a link to anyone or even an article from an objective source that MOST will agree is authoritative (Say AP or Reuter’s) and objective.

    Once I get past that, it seems to prove that the author didn’t really seem to be someone who has been any advocate or student of scientific methodology, as you many of their analogies are unreasonable. I could poke at several of them, but lets begin with this statement:

    “What is the end game? Is it a vaccine?It took 25 years for a chicken pox vaccine to be developed.The smallpox inoculation was discovered in 1796 the last known natural case was in 1977.”

    Let’s look at the history of chicken pox here (It’s an authoritative source, and the science for it is sound.) : https://www.historyofvaccines.org/content/articles/chickenpox-varicella

    I can immediately see that the person used a very different virus to compare to one that is the cause of this pandemic. One thing is not very much like another and any good nurse would know better than that. They have to know that by what they work with. Add that most of the people before the 1990’s would choose to expose their kids during “convenient” times for them to care for sick children. That was their way of getting immunity for their kids. It’s still some parents method. They don’t mind if their kids end up with scarring from their bout of the virus (I’ve got mine).

    I’m just going to put things this way. If you have a doctor you trust with your health and care for a good quality of life, then ask THAT person if the science is good enough for you to trust or not. Don’t trust anonymous posts on social media, or even politicians who think they know enough to tell others what to do. If your doctor is NOT trustworthy, or if you don’t know any doctor in your area that you’re willing to trust, then I guess you’d have some doubt about what to do.

    Having said this, I want to say that my father didn’t have any of his children born in the 1950’s vaccinated against small pox because he was a chiropractor and KNEW that they hadn’t studied the effects of doses for children well enough for him to trust them. When my younger sisters were born after 1965, that all changed. He read in a Journal article that the doses were now correct as long as they were delivered within different age and size definitions. So my younger sisters all got their small pox scar while I never did.

    I fully support people with fears about any inoculation, as long as they are going to be truthful about their vaccination status, and are willing to die for their beliefs when they become infected with the illnesses they are gambling with. Those of us who are vaccinated are getting angry only because we are not seeing the herd immunity that will allow us to go without masks – AGAIN. That’s because this new variant is very communicable even if you get a mild case (which MOST inoculated break throughs are experiencing.) At least that’s what today’s science is saying. Will that change? It certainly CAN, because science is always open to more proof to change what we know to be true, as more facts come to light about what that truth is.

    Please – just be careful out there. You are very vulnerable and I don’t want you to get infected at all. Huggerz.

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    • i think about it constantly to be honest, With neurogenic things going on in my life and nerve damage, this is why i hesitate. I do have a doctor for whom I have been seeing over fifteen years. He has never mentioned the vaccine to me. LOL. I pray a lot to for God to keep me safe as I pray for him to protect me in all areas daily. I don’t know the answer, I truly don’t

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  2. According to the VAERS reports of injuries from the vaccines the numbers are very high and include miscarriage, premature births and birth defects for pregnant women to over 500,000 injuries since December. Also, those who are vaccinated are shedding the virus so they are the ones likely to be spreading it now. And the survival rate for those who do get the virus is about 99.97%, so I would rather take my chances without the vaccine. I am exempt from wearing a mask, and I have not been sick once during the past year and a half, and I am in the so-called vulnerable age group – 76 . Also, you need to be in close contact for about 15 minutes in order to transmit the virus if you have it, so casual passing people in stores or on the street are not likely to spread it. If you want to see the numbers, here is a link to the CDC reports. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/vaers-cdc-vaccinated-spread-covid-serious-vaccines-injuries-surge/?utm_source=salsa&eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=9ab7651c-00dd-481b-8353-85d3b13ce0d1

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  3. Everyone has to do their own research and make up their own mind. I would not trust anything on Facebook etc as people do say anything there. All I know I don’t want it again and I take my own precautions with distance etc and don’t take risks.

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    • It is true, we have to be very careful what we read on FB and any other site. Having the choice to make our own personal decisions is nice but being forced or mandated is not good in my opinion

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