A Lover’s Cry

We here in Warsaw, Indiana have had about five days of beautiful weather, by which we can open our windows at night. I like this part of the evening. All of my chores are done and everything is set out for an easy breakfast for myself.

I usually play on my phone and maybe catch the nightly news before lying down. There was two, maybe three evenings that I heard this moaning sound outside my window. I am sure it was some sort of trucker going by and it is probably the sound of the tires as he slows down for the stoplights.

A Lover’s Cry

It’s an eerie sound I hear

Like a lady old and dear.

She sounds like she is wailing in the night

Like she missed once again the ship that night.

I heard about one hundred years ago

Where the mountains meet to and fro.

A young gent and a lass fell in love

After marriage, a message was sent from above.

Build a ship and sail on my seas

Proclaim your love for all to see.

Show there is goodness still in the heart

Continue this and don’t you ever depart.

The man did as he was told

When he finished they both were quite old.

But their love was as fresh as the dew

So they sailed to testify for me and for you.

Then one evening there came a big storm

It tossed him over and left her to mourn.

The story goes; she cries every night

Calling out his name and searching in fright.

I swear this is what I now hear

The old lady’s mourning and shedding of tears.

That’s a love we all hope we can find

Now every night, she is deep in my mind.

God will surely grant you comfort and peace

You’ll soon meet and your mourning will cease.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd