Cheap is now the First Name

I found this on my Facebook and thought to myself, so true. I can remember my parents talking about appliances and different things such as the furnace and water heater. Things seemed pricey then, but I don’t think as out of range as it is today.

When families saved up for a major item in their home, they saved, bought, and knew they would get their money’s worth for several years. Yes, maybe there was a repair or two, but nothing too big.

Today, everything seems to be made out of plastic, when the manufactures can get by with it and it does seem they get by with it. A refrigerator that once lasted for twenty years is now lucky to have a life for five years.

My dad and grandpa went to homes on furnace calls. You remember when professionals made house calls? I can. Today, the house call cost your arm and leg, and God forbid, if you have to have something replaced, even if it does look small, it cost mighty big dollars.

Everything is made cheap today, even automobiles. The gain of today’s world is money, how much money can be made. The only one who loses, it seems, is the consumer. People don’t get “breaks” today like they used to.

I wish I was an adult in my parents time. Yes, they worked hard for their money, just like we do today, but you got your money’s worth and a handshake still mattered on a deal.