Who Am I?

Being a Senior citizen, I still am trying to figure out who I am. Isn’t that just plain crazy? By now, I should know my likes and dislikes, what makes me angry and what makes me smile.

I pretty much do know what sets me off. I almost can use the word, demand, because that is what I like in my daily life living. I demand as much as possible, peace. A peace that is silent but allows noise when I am ready.

I think part of the reason I am like this is age related but I find that my Parkinsonism and Ataxia do not like stressful situations, and I learned that quick so peace is now my middle name.

Another thing I know about myself is I love helping others. I may be able to only offer a leaning ear or a gentle hug, but to me, I want you to know, that I truly care from my heart.

I wish I could do something at home to give me a little spending money. I don’t have a four year degree nor a certificate. I went to nursing school but my brother’s health became more important to me than a license and now, today, college has become too costly for someone my age to reap the benefits and pay back loans.

Do you feel like you have missed out on any opportunities in your life but you know in your heart, it is too late now?