A Mistake that Almost took a Life

She stepped out into dusk. Moisture filled her nostrils and the sounds of crickets tickled her ears. Fall was coming and the darkness that appeared earlier was proof that the seasons were about to change.

The evening reminded her of an old show that her parents used to watch on the television; dark evening, man with trench coat and rimmed hat standing under the street lamp, fog whispering in the air.

She had forgotten to check on her flowers and it wasn’t completely taken over with darkness and she leaned down to them and asked them if they were thirsty. In her mind, she heard them murmur yes, so she went back inside her home and filled her watering can with lukewarm water. She took it outside and one by one, she began quenching their thirst to live.

She felt something touch her almost naked foot, as all she had on her feet at this time of night, were her comfy flip-flops . She assumed it was those pesky mosquitoes and shook her foot lightly to sway them to leave and go elsewhere; but when she lowered her foot back on solid ground, the grasp took hold firmer and wouldn’t let go.

It was too dark to actually see what had reached out and touched her. She immediately quit watering her plants because the fear she allowed to come to life, had caused her hands to let go of the handle, spilling the little bit of remaining water.

She tried to turn around and walk towards the door but it was as if a ball and chain had attached itself to her foot, and she became a cemented statue.She began breathing harder as whatever had attacked her was climbing up her body. It had reached her leg and then wrapped itself around her crotch area and up towards her waist. It twisted and bound itself tight against her arms, holding her together as a mummy.

Her breath was slightly frozen and as she tried to struggle free, the wrapping became tighter. Tears began to stream from her eyes and thoughts immediately filled her with seeing her own death. Was this how she was going to die? Out here alone, in the dark, no one near by to see what was happening?

Where was her cell phone? Perhaps she could call 911, but she realized in the next moment that would be impossible as she couldn’t move her hands and her mouth was taped with something that she couldn’t describe any better than a feeling of sticklers being prodded into her lips and skin.

What seemed to last for hours, actually lasted no longer than ten minutes. As quick as she was bound, she was loosened. The bandages fell away and the spikes left her skin, only leaving traces of pale red, where the skin had not been poked profusely.

She moved her heavy legs in a backwards position and her hand was on the door to her home. She suddenly heard a raspy voice speak to her. “How does it feel to be starving for water, to be so quenched for a drink, that you feel your life actually draining from your veins lady? How did it feel? Did you like what we put you through? Just remember lady, it’s summer. It’s hot and humid. We are your responsibility during these hot months. Don’t forget to water us. Don’t you ever forget again. Every day lady, we depend on you.” She nodded her head in agreement as she looked down at her plants and she felt so ashamed because she had actually forgotten to water them two days in a row.

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