A Little Fly

Somehow when I was outside last evening, a pesky fly flew in. I got up this morning and when I went to the bathroom, there he was, already to chat with me. That made me think about things I heard in the past.

“If a fly enters your home in the Fall, money will come your way.”

Well, it isn’t Fall yet, so no money to come my way. I have to smile when I think of all the years that have passed by. Where has the time gone? Is there anything I haven’t done yet that I have wanted to do?

Believe it or not, I have not ridden a fair ride since my early twenties. I have a friend who is constantly at me to join in the fun at places like Cedar Point. I have no interest. I don’t know if it is because I am older, or since I have never been, I have no desire on what I haven’t done.

This is Cedar Point.


I have wanted to live in Tennessee, it seems forever. I had the chance at one point, but my brother and I chose another state, due to health reasons. I really didn’t care for Florida that much. Oh it’s a great place to visit or live in the winter, but the summer’s are just too darn hot. I remember, if we went to the grocery store, we had foam coolers in our car trunk. All cold and frozen items went in there because if you had any other errands to run, you could count on cold items being spoiled and frozen items starting to thaw. I just don’t care for that ungodly heat. I lived in Sarasota, Florida with my brother. As his health became worse, this is why we moved back home to Indiana. I provided you a link to the city we lived in.


Next, I will provide you a photo of Tennessee. This would be my home today, if everything came together for everyone.

Now, I will provide you a photo of where I live and you shall easily see the difference.

Florida is known for their oranges and Indiana is known for their corn.

Another thing I would have, that I haven’t owned before is a Weeping Willow tree. I think they are beautiful.

Your arms wrap gently around me

Singing, recognizing my heart

You bring me comfort

And we”ll never part.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

Have you done all the things you have wanted to or have you missed out on something?

7 thoughts on “A Little Fly

  1. I did so many things in my life, and yet not many of the things people might put on a bucket list. I got married and was faithful to my vows. I had two handsome sons and did my best to guide them into an honorable manhood.

    When life was going wrong, I sought professional help to overcome the places I was stuck. I made amends where I could, and apologies where it seemed necessary.

    I’ve got the job I wanted the most, and never knew what it was until I acquired it. I’m so thankful for it that I can’t put my gratitude into just a few concise words. It’s making everything I had hoped for a reality for my senior portion of life.

    My relationships are still intact, even if they require more tact, chuckle. I loved going to theme parks once upon a time, but the walking is just too much now. The heat is too much, too. I’m glad to stay home and read a really fun book or 10 instead, and look at the pictures when everyone else returns.

    I might wish I had more time to go camping when I was healthy enough to enjoy that part of life, but I still don’t really think I missed out for the lack. There have been so many other rich and fun things that I did instead.

    The one adventure I might have missed was being a grandparent – but God fixed that for me in 2014. We’re buddies until he is old enough to enjoy being with friends more. I don’t mind, as I like who he seems to be growing up to be.

    Life is good right here, and right now. I honestly don’t want to do more than take one day at a time and one opportunity at a time. Life is good for me, and I think it sounds like it’s good for you as well, friend.

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  2. Looking back I had a good life. I have 2 wonderful sons and I don’t regret anything I did. I made mistakes, but htat helped me become more confident in life and made me to what I am today. I do have a little bucket list, ( soon to be a post, as I am fulfilling one dream right now! ) but I am happy with what I have. I have not many desires, I just want to be happy and live a simple life. Things are these days too complicated, so I try and make it easier.

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  3. No dear friend I’ve wanted to do many things. Just to travel to other places here in Indiana. Born here, but yet haven’t visited many towns I’d love to travel my home state, things have just never have fallen into place our car is safe on the road but is old and Bob seems skidding of getting to far away from home, for fear we’d get stranded and couldnt get back home . We areny spring chickens , 🐔, like we use to be lol 😆

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