Cyber Hearts

Sometimes the internet was the nicest invention ever. I can remember that not that long ago, it cost money to call someone out of your area. Then cell phones came along and that old theory vanished. We were all able to quit worrying about cost because of Facebook chatting and our pocket phones, we could talk to anyone and even pick our own friends.

I was never the one who went to parties much or social events. I did go to quite a few social gatherings the last few years, but I wasn’t interested in socializing. I was only interested in my camera and finding interesting things and people to photograph. I still try to do what I can but it’s usually from a passenger side of a car.

Having friends is important to me but it isn’t my goal in life. I have one very close friend that has chosen to remain friends with me for over forty years. I hate the thought of either of us not being here on earth. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Facebook Messenger was the coolest thing to me when it began. If I liked postings from a particular person, I would begin a conversation with them. I have friends now, that would be called cyber friends all over the world, probably the same with you.

In fact, some of my cyber friends, I met when my brother was ill and those friends and I have remained friends ever since, so I think that would be eight years now. Not too bad considering most of them and I have never met, not that I wouldn’t love to meet each one.

I have friends in Australia and Italy and within the United Sates along with London too. I am very fond of and proud to call them my friends. I also am able to learn about their culture instead of reading a book about it. First hand is always nice, don’t you think?

I used to have this friend here on my blogging site. Her name was Sandra Callahoun. I loved her as my friend. We wrote back and forth daily at least once. She shared her courage and her love for her family. I got to know her heart. Unfortunately her heart was not in good shape and that eventually took her from me and sent her into God’s arms where he could love and care for her at all times. I miss her still today but one day will see her again.

Another nice thing about the internet is you don’t have to mess with those that you don’t find in your favor. You just click and block. Of course there are always going to be those spammers and there are thousands of ads trying to win your money over, but in general, if you are picky like me, you can find very nice people online, and hey, if you are looking for a partner in your life; I bet you can find him/her in time also.

So what about you? Do you have friends online or in cyber space that you love dearly? Where are they from and how long have you been friends? Did you meet your partner online?

4 thoughts on “Cyber Hearts

  1. I have celebrated the launch of “the information superhighway” as well! I love having a way to find out more details on my medications, a celebrity, lyrics to a song, and even videos of things I enjoyed at one time and couldn’t see when they aired even as reruns. It’s required some new sorting skills to discern the credible from the false information, for sure; but I had to do that with books, periodicals and TV before the internet arrived. I especially like having a place to learn good skills, do a repair myself, and avoid paying fees to someone I can’t honestly afford.

    Like you, I’ve thanked God for the elimination of long distance fees! Having to measure a visit on the phone by minutes when I wanted to talk to someone far away but dear to my heart was a sore trial, and it caused a lot of families to become alienated due to no real fault of their own. Just a real inability to communicate with feeling any other way.

    Having some technology to talk to my dear ones who life far away and see their faces has been a huge blessing for me during the pandemic. I am certain that we aren’t going to stop these visits once the pandemic is eased as well. We have grown so much closer and more understanding of each other’s struggles and triumphs as a result.

    As you might remember, I stopped searching for a partner in life when I realized that I am honestly not missing anything that I think I’d find in a life partner. Just more complications that would impede my levels of happiness and joy. So – I’m the one for me! I like being independently owned and operated, chuckle.

    When so many say that the old days were better, I hurry to remind them of the convenience of the microwave, as well as cars that last much longer than they used to. The ability to use calculators, word processors, and even photo editors was not an option in the 50’s. When we took pictures, we didn’t know if we had the right ones we wanted before someone passed away. There’s so much that is better about life today than in the 50’s or 60’s! I would never EVER want to go back.

    Hope you get more responses, because I know other people see life so much differently than I do!

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    • I feel the same as you except I add my age to it. I am not wanting to add more turmoil to my life by adjusting to someone’s likes and dislikes, tempers, pouting and stress of having a life partner. LOL. I have enough with taking care of my own issues. Earlier times, yes, a partner was in the picture if I wanted a family. I have lived alone since 2007 and I have grown attached to my life style. Some say the internet is nasty but for me it is a good thing. I guess if people think it is nasty, they are looking on the wrong pages!!!

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  2. I do love the the internet as you can find so many things on it. Through my blog I met many friends all over the world and I cherish them all. I do think however the media is sometimes too much and overloads: Facebook, tumblr, instagram and so many others I don’t know. Sometimes there is too much information. Sometimes it is bliss not to know some things, as it was in my childhood. My parents trusted me as we had no mobile phone to be supervised every minute. So we need to find the middle in all this so it does not over take your life.


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