A Little Help Here Please

I have always struggled with night time eating. I know, keep busy they say, but I think about it each night until I finally give in. Some evenings I need to eat because my diabetic sugars are too low and I need to keep them up during the night. Other evenings I crave salt so badly, and I think that my body must need salt as I don’t add table salt or use table salt.

I have been placed on every restriction, I swear, by my doctor throughout the years. Low carbs, no salt, no sugar, no wheat flour, watch the potassium because I have had it at a dangerous level, although for the last six months it is back in the normal range. Watch your magnesium, oh yes, have had to and still am taking supplements, which didn’t help too much, so now back to my milk of magnesium, taking one T. every evening before bed.

Gee, I don’t think there is any other restrictions. I try very hard to keep carbs at 25-30 grams per meal and have a snack at bedtime if need be, to no more than 15 carbs. I often wonder since I am a diabetic which is more important to watch, carbs, sugar or calories. I don’t count calories and I know about every food I eat how much carbs and sugars are in them.

Here’s where you come in. If you have any advice, based on your own experience on how to do better, figuring out what goes in my mouth, please share with me and if you can suggest a filling and good night-time snack, please share. Oh, I thought of something I should add. Cholesterol has been an issue for about six months. I exchanged my butter out for a margarine with no cholesterol, boy do I miss the butter flavor, and the other thing is, if I eat fruits at all, I can have only one half of a banana or one small apple. Any other fruit sends my sugars over the roof.

Thank you ahead of time because I know, someone is going to help me out here.