10 thoughts on “Question of the Day

  1. Good questions!

    I like to decorate for each season, and then add in the holidays as they appear. So for autumn, I’ll put pillow covers on the sofa and chair cushions, set up a color scheme of oranges, golden yellows and amber or brown. That will include some garland on the window sills and a few bouquets of leafy stems with the wreath on the door. I’ll put out some snuggly soft throws on the couch and wide chair, too.

    For Halloween, I’ll have some pumpkin decorations to display, and a few pictures I have painted to display on the wall. Those will be swapped out for autumn only paintings (I keep them in a box as I change them out) after Oct 31st. I’ll begin dressing the house for Thanksgiving at that same time.

    I will put some finery on the table and perhaps a gratitude focus (I don’t know what’s in the boxes, or what I might see and buy) with a plaque or things hanging from the lighted twig on the table.

    The day after thanksgiving, I’ll begin decorating for Christmas, with the tree and the pillow covers changing, and then some wintery themed throws on the couch and wide chair. Decorations scattered through the rooms with special sheets on my bed and my grandson’s bed. I used to deck the halls, the walls and anything (anyone) that stood still, but I don’t have that kind of energy anymore. Since the family is grown and flown, it’s less rewarding, too. I leave up all things Christmas until Jan 6th, and then I will find a weekend where I can get it all put away.

    I keep all things winter on display, like the snowman head with a hat that holds soft snow balls for an indoor snowball fight, chuckle. The two paintings will have changed for Christmas, and then to Winter themes.

    For Valentine’s Day, I have a painting to display with a winter one, and a Valentine tree design on the lighted twig. No more garland on the window sills.

    I get dressed for Easter after Lent begins, and gradually add in the Spring stuff by April.

    The week before Memorial Day, I get my home dressed in red, white and blue with a US flag theme, because we have three patriotic holidays (Memorial Day, Flag Day and then Fourth of July) in a row.

    After the fourth, it’s just a sunny yellow theme, for the rest of the summer, until we’re back to September – and getting dressed for autumn again.

    What room is my favorite to clean? Hmmm…I guess the Living Room. It’s rewarding enough to feel like company when I get it done. Plus, it’s easier to clean up (most of the time).

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  2. About the only time I do anything different is for Christmas when I put up my tree and other decorations. As to which room I like to clean, I guess that would be none as I’m not fond of cleaning. But I do like how things look when I do clean.

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    • I have always been a neat freak cleaner but have toned it down with age. My place is still super clean to the eye but the hidden cleaning is what lags now a days. The kitchen is the one room that is my room to clean and I never go to bed without all dishes put away and everything laid out for the next morning. Yeah, I am weird. lol

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  3. Usually I put Deco out for Easter and Christmas. As the children are out I do it just for myself really. As for cleaning, on one side I Iike cleaning the bathroom as I love seeing it sparkling. I got htis new cloth and it cleans so beautifully it is a joy, also in the kitchen. As I am still redecorating – it is a slow process- its is clean and then straight away a mess again. So I don’t overdo it. 🙂

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    • What kind of cleaning cloth did you get? My issue is the tub. I can’t get down and clean the tub and scrub like I used to. I tried spray cleaners but they seem to do surface. I want a good cleaning power spray. Know of any?

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      • I bought it on hte internet, it is called easyclean. you cna check it out here: easyclean.co. They are expensive but I find well worth it. For the bath I do get in the bath and down to clean, use Zif creamcleaner and Viakall for limescale. It makes it really shiny. Not sure if you ahve those in America.


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