September is Wonderful

I do not live in Florida but when I did, this past several weeks has felt like Florida weather. How absolutely heavenly it was to wake-up this morning to fresh air coming in the bedroom window.

I heard my favorite birds, the Sand Cranes and pondered on how many more mornings I would hear them before they take off for warmer weather. I saw the orange-breasted Robin and am glad I still get to see them.

The smell of the bark covering the trees in the woods behind me, draw me closer to nature. I absolutely love nature and that is one thing I love about my camera. What I don’t like is my balance from Parkinson’s and Ataxia. It is slowing down or limiting my ability to get out there and photograph the bugs and flowers. Oh how I miss it so much. I am very thankful for the photos I do get to take but there is nothing better than walking in nature and taking your time to capture that photo and take everything in.

Here are some photos I have taken when life was better.