Get a Real Job Scammers!!

It seems many of us receive our emails to only discover that spam or scammers have sneaked in there also. I had a friend say this morning that the USPS had sent a scammer letter.

I have to admit, I myself, received one last evening too. I have to be super cautious when I get these emails. Why? because they look so authentic. You can even compare them to a real email and may have to study it at length to find whether it is a fraud or not.

Sometimes it is one, tiny letter turned around or a symbol or even a period that will be the difference between an original email and a scammer’s email. Fortunately, I have not fell into their greedy trap. They have not gotten monies from me as of yet, but it makes it sad, that you can’t enjoy reading your emails without checking things out first.

I did get scammed by a company that you only see at Christmas time. A candy book, which I would not order from in the beginning, being a diabetic. Somehow, somewhere, the business had grown weak on their privacy laws and this allowed someone to make a six hundred dollar purchase on one of my credit cards.

Can you imagine? Making a charge of over six hundred dollars, scamming someone over candy? I laughed aloud at that although it wasn’t really funny. I got a hold of the credit bureau and with their help, it was removed from my file.

I feel very sorry for those who don’t speak our native language and end up falling for these scammers, sometimes losing most of their funds and what about the elderly that have got their hands on their first computer?

Without a family or friend explaining and showing how to check for emails, they have and can lose their entire life savings. I have seen it so many times on TV talk shows where widow ladies and gents will send money over seas to some scammer on the other end of the screen, while he swears his love for her/him, and also spilling his guts on how he needs help to be able to come across the seas to meet his new true love, knowing very well that was never his intention. His intention was to drain a bank account.

Friends, if you have a friend or family member who has some design for use on an internet, please do them a favor and have a chat with them and make sure they know what to look for and to never give their social security numbers or bank account numbers.