8 thoughts on “New Question

  1. To go to college at 39, after being a high school dropout.

    Then, I became an editor on the college newspaper. I was voted in as president of Phi Theta Kappa, then Student Trustee – all while turning 40 and raising two teenagers as well as going through codependent recovery. It was a thrill, a trial by endurance, and the BEST thing I ever did for myself and my future. I got my Associate degree in Liberal Arts while wearing a Master of Arts gown (as every Trustee wears it). I had hoped to go further, but – God knew I didn’t need it.

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  2. I suppose one of the craziest ideas I have had was to write a book. I never thought it would be published, but thanks to KDP that book plus several others are now published. And I still have more that I want to get published. One book originally looked like a huge mountain, but I have several more on the go, some of which I worked on simultaneously.

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    • There is nothing crazy about writing and publishing books. I have always been proud of your hard work. I am disappointed that I have twenty one chapters written for a book and can’t figure out how to save the chapters in a file. When I had my old computer, I was able to place a folder on the home screen, then transfer the chapters into that folder. I can’t figure out how to do it this time and I don’t know an alternative way to save the chapters. They are sitting in the computer under documents, so there they sit, but I am happy that I wrote two books and published them but I wanted more. I really do enjoy writing and i enjoy writing my endless poetry

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      • I recently realized that I actually lost several manuscripts when I went from XP to Windows 10. The documents appeared to be there, but when I opened them, all that showed up was a couple of lines of gobledy-gook and that was it. I still have my old computer, but it kept crashing, so I doubt if I can retrieve much from there. Fortunately I do have paper copies of some of them, but not all. But I will have to re-type them before I can use them.


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