Who I Am

I would think that by the time I reach legal Senior age and past, I would know pretty much who I am, but then something happens and shakes the apple basket.

This is what has happened in my life a couple of weeks ago. I called one of my family members to do a phone chat and check-in and discovered there were health concerns going on.

I wanted to jump in my beater car and head to their home but I knew my car was much too undependable to make the long drive. Of course if an emergency would arise with any of my loved ones, I would do whatever means to reach to their side, well almost any means.

I can remember when my grandmother was alive, she would always make comment to someone younger than herself, stating, she was to die first, because she was older.

I am not saying death lies around the corner by far, but when a health concern arises, the mind can’t help but ponder on such things in my own life.

For the past two weeks, I try hard to check in every couple of days. I know that they and I would very much like to have more answers to the priority questions and hopefully, today some or at least a biggie, will be answered.

I also believe in numbers in prayers, so this is the reason my friends, why I am writing this post.

I ask each of you who believe in the almighty God above, to please stop for a moment and say a prayer for answers and healing for this loved human being.

I thank you in advance because I am sure some of you will do this immediately. Hugs.