Who I Am

I would think that by the time I reach legal Senior age and past, I would know pretty much who I am, but then something happens and shakes the apple basket.

This is what has happened in my life a couple of weeks ago. I called one of my family members to do a phone chat and check-in and discovered there were health concerns going on.

I wanted to jump in my beater car and head to their home but I knew my car was much too undependable to make the long drive. Of course if an emergency would arise with any of my loved ones, I would do whatever means to reach to their side, well almost any means.

I can remember when my grandmother was alive, she would always make comment to someone younger than herself, stating, she was to die first, because she was older.

I am not saying death lies around the corner by far, but when a health concern arises, the mind can’t help but ponder on such things in my own life.

For the past two weeks, I try hard to check in every couple of days. I know that they and I would very much like to have more answers to the priority questions and hopefully, today some or at least a biggie, will be answered.

I also believe in numbers in prayers, so this is the reason my friends, why I am writing this post.

I ask each of you who believe in the almighty God above, to please stop for a moment and say a prayer for answers and healing for this loved human being.

I thank you in advance because I am sure some of you will do this immediately. Hugs.

4 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. I am on lunch break, now, so I can share my prayer: Lord, I pray that Terri’s family member is feeling well cared for at this time. Bless the doctors and nurses who have been engaged to resolve this problem, and give them insightful ideas on how to restore this person’s health to a better place. Most of all, Lord, we lift them up, and trust YOU for the best. Your love for them quickly surpasses all that we are capable of, and is the best option of all. Amen

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  2. Terry, I pray that this person you love will feel safe in the Lord’s hands while going through this difficult time, and that they would feel His presence holding them up and giving His strength. I pray that all fear would be cast out by the perfect love of Jesus. I pray that all necessary questions will be answered, any treatment needed would begin immediately and have quick and positive results. I pray for a miracle for this one and complete victory over the situation for the glory of the Lord. Amen.


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