Just A Little of This Gets Me Psyched

It seems like nothing but to me it’s a big deal. I wake up and the sun is shining. The window is open and a gentle breeze is blowing, bringing me the smells of damp bark and dew on the grass. Birds are chirping and squirrels are running. I hear my favorite bird, the Sand Cranes.

I watch daily as I see my birds and ponder on how much longer they will remain before they head south for the winter. I smile at each day I still am lucky to see them. I really miss them when they leave.

I drink my coffee and am listening to the news in the background. This, to me, is priceless. It actually sets my day ahead for me.

I just hate it when here in Indiana, we have cloud cover and rain, day after day. I don’t think I get any sort of depression over gray, but the sunshine just peaks my personality.

What small thing do you do that gets you hyped up for the day?