Just A Little of This Gets Me Psyched

It seems like nothing but to me it’s a big deal. I wake up and the sun is shining. The window is open and a gentle breeze is blowing, bringing me the smells of damp bark and dew on the grass. Birds are chirping and squirrels are running. I hear my favorite bird, the Sand Cranes.

I watch daily as I see my birds and ponder on how much longer they will remain before they head south for the winter. I smile at each day I still am lucky to see them. I really miss them when they leave.

I drink my coffee and am listening to the news in the background. This, to me, is priceless. It actually sets my day ahead for me.

I just hate it when here in Indiana, we have cloud cover and rain, day after day. I don’t think I get any sort of depression over gray, but the sunshine just peaks my personality.

What small thing do you do that gets you hyped up for the day?

4 thoughts on “Just A Little of This Gets Me Psyched

  1. I like that you have some “pet” birds. My grandson’s Mom has some chipmunks that she enjoys seeing from day to day when she’s doing her morning routine which includes coffee and a cigarette on the balcony in her robe. She faces an empty lot, so no one can spy on her.

    Mornings are hard on me, as I always wake up in a fibro freeze. Where everything is stiff and sore and I have to force myself to move. So it’s a slower process than I like. I have several meds I have to take in the morning, and two need 20 minutes between the time I took anything else. The first one has to be on an empty tummy (6 hours fasting time), so the thyroid stuff is first, then the one that follows, and then the one that can mess up the other meds is taken with VitD. End with anti allergy meds that don’t make me tired, and I can have breakfast. By then I’ve cleaned up any clutter from the night before, got coffee brewing, taken a bath and dressed if it’s a good day. If it’s a challenging day, I might start working at 8 in my nightgown, and I’ll take first break at 10 to bathe and dress.

    I love going on the porch if I have the time. I’ll enjoy the coffee and just bask in the cool temps lately. When it was hot, I didn’t do much porch sitting, so it’s been fun to add it into my day again.

    I don’t watch TV much, and certainly not before work, or I’ll lose track of the time. I usually read the news online instead during morning or lunch break.


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    • You definitely have a routine there. I have a routine too, well, I guess most people probably do. The last time I get up to go potty during the night, I take my teeth out and soak them in cleaner. Upon arising, I start my coffee then take a shot for diabetes then take my oral medications. Next, I weigh myself, then check my sugars. Now I am ready to drink my coffee. I listen to the news in the background and watch out the window for my nature entertainment. I take more meds but no shot at supper and then I have one blood pressure pill I take at 8pm, then done for the night. Upon retiring I listen to Joyce Meyers on my phone before going to bed. If I am not tired, I watch People’s Court on U-tube until I fall asleep. I sleep with a fan blowing on me each night, every night of the year. Two days a week, I volunteer at a food bank for three hours each day. The rest of my week, I tidy up or clean, sometimes I paint. I write poetry and short stories and many days I nap in the afternoons, especially on the days I volunteer. I run out of energy pretty quick. Don’t know if that’s my Parkinson’s or age. lol

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  2. I like your weekly plan! I’ll keep in mind that working at the food pantry idea when I get to retire in the next three years. I also like how you end the day with a devotional. I’ll see if I can find a similar one that is soothing enough to get me to relax for sleep.

    I’ve begun painting for the first time in my life – ever. I go to Paint and Sip events because I have NO idea what to do, chuckle. Happily, I found some videos on YouTube that teach how to make different paintings, and I am learning more about the different techniques artists use. My sisters and I recently did a paint n sip with Michelle the Painter on YouTube at one of my sister’s homes. There were five of us doing that one painting, and we all had different looking paintings but turned out amazing.

    I also have nighttime meds that have to be taken at 8 pm. One is to control my asthma, the other is for cholesterol remediation. Finally, I tuck in some PM meds to help me relax and sleep.


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