Parkinsonism/MSA, Ataxia

I really don’t know what’s been going on with my body lately. I know stress has grabbed hold of me because that’s just what happens when I don’t feel well.

The feelings I have been having of late, are light-headed or dizzy and internal tremors. I seem to be tired so much more than I used to but associate some of that with my age climbing.

The last few days have been my worst. This morning I was planning on going to my volunteer job but when I got up to get ready the internal tremors took over. I can hardly stand when this happens and the second thing that happens is anxiety.

I live alone and am afraid of falls or something. I just felt like crap actually. I love my job and was determined to go to work, but my inner head kept saying, run by your doctor’s office and just get your blood pressure checked.

First I checked my sugars and they were good. I got dressed for work and then did listen my in inner self and headed to the doctor’s office. I would have called them first, but they have a new practice to follow now which I don’t care for at all.

I make the call. It is directly passed into an answering service who takes my request and says they will send it over to the doctor’s office. Sometimes I have to wait two to three days for response and this upsets me. Of course there is the ER at the hospital, but that is much more expensive, so I just stopped by.

I have been going to this doctor for probably twelve years so they know me well. I was told to sit for a moment and someone would come get me and check my BP. I so appreciated them taking their time to do this for me.

When it was checked, I learned my doctor was not in today. I had the choice of going to a Med clinic, or driving out of town to the on call doctor or going to the ER. I asked how high my BP was and what their opinion was.

I was told it was high and with the symptoms they advised the ER. Once back out in my car I called my work and told them I would not be in today and why. I drove the short distance to the hospital and by the time they called me back to check me in, my internal tremors had subsided and my BP was back to normal.

I was then told to have a seat and someone would come get me. I waited for some time and no one came. I then talked to the receptionist and asked how much longer and I explained that the nurse said my BP was normal and she seemed a bit surprised that I was there.

I asked if I could leave and make a new appointment with my doctor since everything seemed alright now and she said that was fine.

I went back to my doctor and have an appointment for next Tuesday. I feel more comfortable being in his office than an ER. It does seem that my internal tremors cause my anxiety to rise which causes my BP to raise.

I don’t know what will happen next but I have let God know my concerns and have asked him for healing. So now, hopefully all will be alright until my next appointment.