Chapter Two

Eyes grasping for sight but the blindness of the dark skies and the flickering of sparks from fire pits was all about all the human eyes could take in. Strange voices, drunken slurs and sounds like a gruff laughter rang throughout the empty spaces.

Every once in a while I could pick out that voice, the voice of my mama. She was saying things I hadn’t heard before. I could hear her say her name, but it was different than what I knew her, which was mama. She was talking too fast and yet what seemed different was that there was no yelling or screaming. My mama only knew high pitch voices, that’s how I recognized her.

I don’t think I was sitting very close to her because I didn’t feel her body heat and there was no snacks for me to chew on. I looked up and I saw these balls hanging from trees. I was sitting close to or under some kind of tree.

I had seen trees from the windows before. Sometimes mama would put me in a chair and from that position, I could see the outside. I wanted to go outside, and this time I got my wish.

To be continued…

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