Chapter Three

These were not my mama’s hands. They felt rough and they were stronger than hers. Wait a minute. I never felt this before. I desperately looked for my brother but I didn’t see him anywhere.

Where is my mama? I can’t see her and I don’t hear her. Hold on, I don’t like that. You are making me cold. I want my mama. I want my brother. What are you doing? I didn’t wet my pants. I didn’t poop either. Stop it, I don’t like this. Mammmmmaaaa!!

I fell into a sleep and darkness took over my little body as the stranger with the bad breath and the rough hands did things to me that hurt. I don’t know when I woke-up, and all I really remember is feeling all alone.

I wanted my pacifier. No, I don’t use one of those anymore, but I do remember that they brought me great comfort at one time. I looked out from under the blanket that had been placed over me, and I saw my brother laying next to me with dried tears on his cheeks and he was asleep. Where is my mama?

To be continued…