Chapter Eleven

When we all got inside there were a lot of people. I wasn’t sure how all those people got inside because from the outside it sure didn’t look like it could hold all of them. It sort of reminded me of the time mama asked me if I wanted to try one of those things she was eating. It smelled so yucky. It looked like a bunch of tiny fish all laying dead in a small can or something. I didn’t want to try them so I just turned my head away and mama went about her eating.

There was kids in the house too. Some were little and running around. The girls had long braids with real pretty ribbons in their hair. There were older kids too, way older than me but not as old as mama. They were standing around in little groups in the corners of the room. Every once in a while they would turn and look at me and my brother and I could see them laughing. Were they laughing at us kids? Were we funny looking or something? I looked down at my skin and I thought maybe they was laughing at our white skin.

It didn’t take long for the smells to enter my nose. They were good smells. It made my tummy growl. I hadn’t smelled stuff like that and I wanted to smell it over and over. In no time at all, the older lady called everyone to come on in and sit down.

My brother was left on the couch. I didn’t want to leave him because, what if he tried to crawl off the couch? He might get hurt, but mama took my hand and made me follow her. She put me in this chair. It had some kind of tray on it. I barely fit in it but I could see what everyone else was seeing; food, lots and lots of food.

Wasn’t long at all that all those eyes were closed and someone at the table was mumbling something. I didn’t know for sure what was going on. Was someone hurt? Was someone saying they were sorry? I did hear a few words that sounded like, and we thank-you Lord for this food, Amen. I didn’t know who was talking to who, but then everyone opened their eyes and the plates were filled and something I never heard much, was laughter, plenty of laughter and talking.

To be continued…

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