Chapter Twelve

For me, it was the nicest three days in my life. People talked to me instead of ignoring or yelling at me. My tummy didn’t growl and even the older kids took me outside to play. I don’t really know what was going on with my brother, and when I grew up I felt a sense of guilt that I didn’t pay as much attention to him.

Like other things in life, the good does eventually end, and so it was on that Monday morning. Mama was sort of acting anxious and George was packing up the car. Everyone was standing around us and they watched mama put us kids back in our seats and those people were even blowing us kisses in the air as the engine started and we began pulling away.

i guess I was tired because after I quit looking my brother over from foot to toe; I fell asleep. I must have slept for hours because the next thing I knew, was we were stopped again. This time George gave mama some money and she went up to a window and when she turned back towards the car, she had a bag of food.

She handed me a hot dog and she tore up a hamburger and laid it on the seat between my brother and me and said,” Now feed him this.”, which I did. The food wasn’t near as good as back at those people’s house, but my tummy wasn’t hurting either. She had a carton of milk which she poured half of it in my brother’s bottle and she gave me the half carton.

After everyone was done George told mama to get rid of the trash and so she did. Climbing back in the car, George turned this handle and some music started playing. I didn’t recognize any of it but it made mama smile, so I relaxed and enjoyed the view.

We rode in the backseat for a long time, listening to different songs. Sometimes I found my feet tapping to the music and when I looked over at my brother, his fingers were moving. I decided right there that when I grew up, I was going to have one of those music boxes too because it made me and my brother happy.

To be continued….