Chapter Thirteen

An adult story from a child’s eyes.

Some say there was abuse.

It was actually pretty quiet on the drive except the box playing from up front, even mama wasn’t talking. I think she was asleep because her head fell over to the side and was leaning on the window. George was quiet too but that was okay with me.

Soon there was a noise that was real loud. I had heard that noise before, plenty of times at our house. It kept getting louder and louder and then it seemed like someone was screaming from the top of their mouth.

George looked in that mirror and uttered, “Not this, not now, God dammit anyways!” That woke mama up and George was slowing way down. In fact, he pulled off to the side of the road but he kept the car running.Two big men, one white and one black, came up to the windows. Without saying a word, they looked in the back seat right at us kids. I got a little scared. Did I do something wrong and now I was going to be punished real hard? I looked over at my brother, and he was starting to cry. I think that big noise really scared him. “Please turn the car off. License and registration sir.” As George tried pulling his wallet from his pocket, the white officer asked,” Mam, are those your kids?” Mama shook her head yes but she didn’t say one word. The policeman handed the license and registration to the black officer and that man took them and walked back to his car.

The policeman kept staring at us. Boy, I must have really done something big this time. I was in big trouble. Everyone was quiet and I was too scared to ask or say anything. Soon the officer walked back to George’s car. He showed his partner a piece of paper and the two officers stared down through the window at George.

“Sir, George Taylor, will you kindly step out of the car.” George slowly did it. Boy, he sure acted like he was in trouble too. Well he wasn’t smiling, not even once. I watched as the cop turned George towards the car and leaned him up against it. Then the cop took these two circles and he put them around George’s hands. Wow, I couldn’t believe I was seeing this. George was in trouble too!

The one officer kept an eye on George while the other cop went over to mama’s side and he did the same thing with her. What? Mama was in trouble too? Wow, all of us are in big heaps of trouble.

After mama and George were both handcuffed they walked mama over to where George was standing and I head the black officer say, ” You two are under arrest for hit and run and kidnapping.” My eyes bugged out, I swear they did. Arrested? Just like on the TV shows.

To be continued…