Chapter Fourteen

I watched mama and George getting in the police car. My brother and I were still in the back seat. I watched until I could not see them anymore and then reality sunk in because before I realized what was happening to me, I began crying. I sobbed as some may say. I just couldn’t stop. Where was my mama going? Who was going to take care of my brother? Was I ever going to see mama again? The policeman walked up to the car door. He got my brother out and then he walked over and opened my car door and said,”Follow me,” as he took my little hand. His hand was big and not soft like mama’s. I had no problem following a man that was big and tall and had big hands.

My brother and I were placed in the police car. We were situated and my brother was given a pretty, blue blanket. Instinct kicked in and my brother cuddled to it. Maybe he thought the blanket was like mama, but then again, neither of us kids cuddled with mama that I can remember.

We were taken to a building. Inside the lights were bright and there were lots of men and women who wore those dark blue clothes. They all had hats that were the same color too. A lady walked up to where we had been seated. She and the one officer talked in whispers and then the lady, who I think was a policeman too, took us into another room.

There was a table and chairs. A rug was on the floor and there were toys there to play with. She sat my brother down and he looked at me as if saying, are you going to sit with me too? I went over and sat beside him. I offered him different toys and it didn’t take long for him to choose one and start playing with it. I didn’t play with any of the toys. I think my mind was more on; where was our mama.

The police lady started asking me if I was hungry. I didn’t say anything but I watched her as she started getting stuff out of the refrigerator. Bread, cold cuts, milk and cookies. Yes, I was hungry and I think she thought, since I didn’t answer her, I must be shy and I admit, I was. She got everything ready and brought two plates over for me. She gave my brother the cut up sandwich plate and I got a whole sandwich. I laughed because my brother went straight for the cookie, and so did I.

To be continued….