Chapter Fifteen

I guess while my brother and I were eating, there must have been something special going on in another room. From where I was sitting, I could see one, two, three, maybe more officers going into a room. I could see them through the shiny glass in the door and every time they went through that other door, I could hear the door slam. I wasn’t really concerned. My brother seemed happy to play with the toys and when he was happy, I was happy.

In the other room there was a meeting going on. I couldn’t see or hear anyone but from what I learned later on, the meeting was about George and mama. It seems that mama had kidnapped us kids from our papa. I really didn’t know papa too well. He was always gone when I was awake and he was home when it was time for me to sleep. I learned George had been in some sort of accident and when the officers arrived, they found George gone, but there was a man laying next to the road. I heard one officer say it had been a “hit and run”.

Some cop had been driving behind George and since he was going a little over that line, you know, that yellow line that goes down the middle of the road? I always wanted to go out on the road and jump over the lines, but I never got the chance.

Well, anyways, the cop seemed to know who George was and so he turned that big bubble on top of his car, and as the saying goes, ” and the rest is history.” So that’s how this whole thing got started.

The officers had known our mama. They are the smartest people I have ever known, I swear to it, they seemed like magic. They know all kinds of things that no one else does. So they knew mama and and the bad thing she had done.

I don’t see what was so bad. They said she kidnapped us but how could that be? We were her kids. I know that’s true because I can remember her face even back when she used to rock me on her lap.

I don’t ever remember what happened to George, I never saw him again, but that was okay with me. They had put mama in some sort of room that had these long bars that went from the floor up to the skies. I wish I could see her, but then again, I don’t know if she could make all things right. It seemed like so much was always wrong at home.

To be continued…