Chapter Sixteen

My brother had been sleeping for a while. I think it was easy for him because his belly was finally full. I didn’t do much but watch people walk here and there. After all, a girl my age, needed more grown-up things to do with her time besides play with toys. I was three years old after all.

A woman came to the door and was looking at my brother and me as if she was trying to cement our faces in her mind. She stood there and finally disappeared. She appeared to be a pretty lady, with a floppy hat on and her curls were in place; but she didn’t smile at all.

Soon she came back but she didn’t stare this time, she opened the door and a lady cop followed behind her. She addressed us by our first names. She sure sounded like a cop to me. Her voice was as stiff as the way those officers stood.

The police officer explained that we would be going with this nice, young lady.”Come on children, take my hand.” I stood up but my brother was just opening his eyes and he didn’t stand up. No one seemed to remember that my brother couldn’t walk.

The cop leaned into her and whispered loud enough for me to hear,” The youngest one has some sort of issue going on. I think the record said something about maybe having rickets.” Once again the curly haired lady shot the officer a dart of a look.

“Young man, please stand up and follow me. We don’t have time to dawdle here, now let’s go.” My brother looked at her and then at me and then started whimpering. I could tell that the lady was in a big hurry. She reached down and grabbed my brother and sat him on her hip and then looked at me. Off we went, leaving the nice rug, the good food and that nice officer. It was nice there, it really was.

After stepping outside, I had to blink a few times. The room we had been in was sort of dark, and out here; it was so bright. I almost felt blind! Another gentleman pulled up to the curb in his car. He quickly got out and came around to open the doors.

He was dressed all up for sure. He had a black suit on I guess it wasn’t all black because there were these tiny stripes that looked a different color. He had a gold or yellow shirt on and he had a black tie. I had to giggle when I saw that. I never actually seen a tie before and it even matched his black hat.

After putting us kids in the back seat, they got in the front seat. The man turned around to look at us kids and as he did, he smiled, showing real white teeth. I don’t understand why, but I felt a certain trust feel good feeling. Soon the engine started and off we went.

To be continued…