Chapter Seventeen

I was not comfortable enough to ask where we were going so I enjoyed looking out the window at the outdoors. The curvy roads, no bumps or dirt flying up at the window. The two people up front were talking like they were friends, they weren’t yelling or saying naughty words.

I saw lots of big trees and sometimes birds would fly close to the car. I didn’t see many cars that passed up so I figured this is what mama called country side. It was real pretty and real nice. I wish I lived in the country side.

We drove like this for a little bit and then I started seeing more cars, less trees and big buildings. We got closer and closer to those buildings and there was a bunch of stores all lined up next to each other. I wished we could stop the car and I could run up and see what was in each window; but we didn’t stop, well not just yet.

We drove through town and then the buildings seemed to be saying goodbye. Just as the quietness started to come back, we pulled up in front of a house. The man stayed in the car but the lady got out. She glanced back at us kids. I think she wanted to make sure we were still alright, because neither my brother nor I said a single word the whole trip.

I saw a lady come out from the front door and then the two ladies shook hands. They even gave each other a hug. The lady was a little heavy, not thin like mama. She had a dress on with some kind of thing hanging over it. I saw her wipe her hands on it before she shook hands with the lady cop.

The two sure did act like they knew each other. They was talking for a long time. Soon the two walked out to the car and one of them opened the back door on the side where my brother was sitting. She glanced down at him and shook her head ever so slightly back and forth. She wasn’t smiling just then, but she wasn’t mad either. I could tell because her eyes looked nice.

She picked up my brother and the police lady came over and let me out of the car. The man driving the car turned around in his seat and said, ” You two will really like it here.” I sure didn’t know what he meant by that because this wasn’t our house and mama wasn’t even here.

We all walked up the sidewalk back to the house. I could see shiny windows with colored curtains hanging in them. On the porch was lots of big, green plants. There was even a swing and it was hanging from the porch. I sure would like to swing on that.

The two ladies sat on that swing. One lady held my brother and the other lady asked me to come sit on her lap. I did, even though I didn’t know her, her face looked happy. We swung for a few minutes and then the lady who lived here said, ” I’m so glad that you kids have arrived. I sure have been anxious to meet you both. Inside the house, I got some fresh-baked cookies and nice cold milk. I also have some clean clothes and I think by looking at the two of you; they are going to fit you just fine.”

The lady officer said so matter of fact, ” You see kids, sometimes grown-ups make mistakes and those mistakes have to be fixed. Until we get everything straightened out, you two will be staying here with Miss Bea. She’s a real nice lady and she’s going to take real good care of you. There is two other children here too so maybe all of you will learn to play together and have some real fun.”

“I want my mama. I don’t see my mama anywhere. Is she inside?” The two ladies grew quiet as they both knew our mama wasn’t here, in fact, she was in jail. ” No, your mama isn’t here. She’s going to help us get this whole mess cleaned up and then we will see what happens from there. I’m sure you will see your mama real soon.”

Her answer was sad because I wanted to see mama. Mama wasn’t at all like this new lady. Mama didn’t smile or offer cookies, but she was our mama. I had known her for a long time. I didn’t cry because big girls don’t cry and when I looked at my brother, he seemed to be saying with his eyes, as long as you are with me sister, I’ll be okay too.

To be continued…

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