Chapter Twenty

Our new lives started. Each day Miss Bea would get each of us kids up. We were led into the kitchen and asked to sit down for breakfast. Let me tell you something, those breakfasts were so good. Sometimes we had cereal but many times we had pancakes with sausages, or waffles. We usually got a banana too and plenty of milk.

After breakfast most of us took our plates to the sink to be scraped and washed by Miss Bea. After the kitchen was back to the clean look, half of us got a bath and the other half took their bath after supper.

We got to put on different clothes each day and none of them were dirty. Miss Bea hung them outdoors on some kind of line and when I put my clothes on; they smelled so clean. I will never forget that smell, ever.

During the day time, we spent time doing some learning. I was learning my colors and even some letters. I knew the address where I lived. She worked real hard with my brother and would you believe it? He was sitting up in no time and in time he was trying to pull himself up to stand at the couch. That took him a long time to do but he was trying real hard. I could see his legs shake back and forth but Miss Bea would say, ” You can do it! You can do it! “

We usually had this time of learning and playing games before lunch every day and for lunch we lots of times had a bowl of soup and a peanut butter sandwich. My brother was feeding himself too. He sat in those chairs with the tray and he would pick up some of the food and put it in his mouth. Miss Bea always sat right beside him.

He still drank from that two-handled cup but he didn’t need any help anymore. I wished we could stay here forever. I loved Miss Bea. She was so nice to us and she seemed to love my brother too. He had made lots of progress. Even being a kid, I could see that love and children went together. It really make life better.

Some days when it was quiet in the afternoons I could hear Miss Bea cry. It made my heart hurt. I didn’t know why she cried and it didn’t happen too often, but it did happen sometimes. We were supposed to be taking a nap after lunch but there were times I just couldn’t keep my eyes closed. I kept thinking about mama. Where was she? What was she doing? Did she remember us or forget us?

To be continued…

My Love is Here

The struggling; it’s in me

I’m thinking about you right now

An ache in my heart expands

I drop my head and bow.
You patted my shoulder

You told me you loved me

You died in my arms,

This is all I can see.
Remind me of the pain you felt

Your struggles every day

Remind me of your price you paid

Tell me you wanted to leave or stay

Alright, I understand

You had to do what you had to do

Just know I still think of you daily

Every day; I still love you.

Written by,Terry Shepherd